The Vault

Here lies a registry of recommended listening based on the Bandcamp music our featured artists/label owners have been listening to.

Dylan McConnell (owner of Field Hymns Records):

  1. Midwife
  2. Fire-Toolz
  3. Serpentwithfeet
  4. Jamie Branch
  5. Sister Grotto

Adam Werven (of Larry Wish, owner of Bumpy Records):

  1. Iceblink
  2. Itch Princess 
  3. XOXO Tech
  4. Jake Tobin
  5. Angel Rada

Carlo Giustini:

  1. Ogre Heights by Mondo Lava 
  2. Habit by Snail Mail
  3. Melanchole by Salvia Palth
  4. Night Market by Burial
  5. La Saboteuse by Yazz Ahmed
  6. The Movements I and II by Ot to not to 

Marcia Custer:

  1. The Gag File by Aaron Dilloway 
  2. Moth Cock 
  3. Amanda Howeland 

Johnny Beck (Slow Normals):

  1. 133K5P1N 84574RD5
  2. The Channeled Voice by MJ Lallo
  3. Part of the Y’all by Ben Varian
  4. One by Persona La Ave x Baraka
  5.  City of Sweat by LX Sweat 

Sugar Pills Bone:

  1. The Crinkles
  2. Butoh Sonics
  3. Smogma
  4. Claustronaut


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