This site is intended to provide you with quality musings regarding the unsung denizens of the Bandcamp community. Here you will find (hopefully) thoughtful album reviews, candid conversations with artists/label owners, and other sort-of-related things that fall somewhere in between.

The name “Infinite Headphones” was not chosen arbitrarily. Each artist/label owner who is featured on this site is asked to name a few Bandcamp artists they are currently listening to. This continually-updated list is kept in The Vault. If all goes according to plan, this registry will eventually grow to become a bottomless source of new music for a countless amount of parched listeners who believe Radiohead is as weird as it gets.

Oh, and I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Tony Lien. In addition to this site, I also run the small cassette label Bad Cake Records and release music as Dere Moans.

Thanks for stopping by. If you know of any music that you believe should be featured on this site, please feel free to run it by me: badcakemusic@gmail.com



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